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Pat's Blog

Monday, May 10, 2004 at 5:51 PM


As I sat here in front of my work computer, waiting until 6PM whereupon I could start the migration of several deparment's data from one of our old crappy NT servers onto a spangly Win2k box, I realised I hadn't blogged in a while.

So with 10 minutes to go until I had to do some work, I thought I'd spent it updating you on what I've been up to of late.

So here goes...
(7 minutes left)
  • Watching Films
    Saw "Eternal Sunshine..." the other day and quite frankly it's in the top 3 films I've seen in the past year. Stunning. Well shot, well acted, unique and quite moving imho... particularly if you've ever had a bad breakup. Go and see it! I also saw "Master and Commander" on DVD last night, which was actually quite good and a lot less dull than expected!! Good acting, actually believable English Accents and a surprisingly warm feel for what was essentially a battle on the seas.
  • Watching The X Files
    My brother David's just had an op on his shoulder, so has come back to Essex to stay with the folks for a few weeks to recover. Because he can't write (and that's what he loves to do) he decided to console himself with the X Files Series 1 on DVD. I went to see him yesterday and watched about 5 episodes. It is *so good*. Gonna have to spend a bit of dosh, methinks...
    (Hmm, 3 minutes left)
  • Going to Colchester to Shop...
    ...and I'm going again!!! Wooh! Final "trip" on Monday 17th... will be a mock, er, shopping trip with my (hopefully)to-be coh-er, co-shopper. Fingers crossed!!
  • Being at work
    Doing lots of shared data migrations at the mo, hence why I'm here now and have been doing fairly late evenings + very busy days for the past couple of weeks.
    (1 minute)
  • Going out
    Went to Chelmsford in the evening on Saturday with Lev and Andrea, which was great fun indeed... but Sunday was less fun. Ouch.
  • Feeling a bit ill
    See "Going Out" and "Being at work"
    (0 minutes, crap!)
  • Doing radio shows
    Wooh :-)

Right, that'll be 6pm then... time to go!

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