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Many moons ago, before the days of Uni and therefore social-based activities, I spent many weeks locked in my bedroom faffing around with QBasic. Following a long peroid of writing such exciting programs as "Something that moves the word 'Hi' up and down the screen - in multiple colours!!!", I finally learned to make some basic (no pun intended) games. Here they are!!

Squage & Co!
Save the inhabitants of Squearth by collecting all the lost fragments of the master gem, whilst and avoiding the dead-and deadly-inhabitants! A simple platformer for 1-2 players.
Squage & Co 2!
A major improvement on Squage 1... this had scrolling (sort of), MUCH better animation and bigger levels. Never finished, but it's good fun!
Squage tris!
Tetris... but with Squagés! Seriously addictive and for some reason after playing for several days I *HATED* Squrge (the brown one). Will you?

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