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Pat's Blog

Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 7:18 AM

I played KC and the Sunshine Band This Morning

It's Snooowwwed!!!!! Huzzah :-D It's amazing how exciting I get when I see snow even at the age of 24. Just one of those things I'm never going to tire of (unless, say, I move to the Antarctic).

Look at the road behind my house! It's not even gritted! Hey... I might not need to go to work, today!

More snow!
Ah, darnit.

I'm looking forward to some snowball action this lunchtime (provided it doesn't all thaw out)... last year was most entertaining. Although some people did take it a touch far:

They did hurt eachother quite a bit...
"Sorry, who were a paair of idiots for not wearing wooly hats?"

Right, anyway I'd best go and get ready for work!


Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 6:30 PM

Oh, and there's just one more thing...
Peter Bowles.  Not being made to look like Jesus.The Bowles Has Moved In To Meadow Rise!!!

Peter Bowles, a Great Mate (TM) from school has now moved into thehouse! Rock on!!

P.S. I thought I'd use an insanely large font as he's just called me a "Bitch" for not mentioning, and I thought I'd make up for it. In my own special way.
P.P.S. I'm listening to the Kill Bill Soundtrack... and just got to the MENTAL bit in track 4 as soon as I wrote the word insane. I'm now shaking slightly.

at 5:53 PM


Unknown host

Damnit, I can't even do nerdy titles properly... ;-) Well, yes, it's been a week and I've done no blogging. Ironically, the reason there've been no updates is because I've been doing so much.

So, as I've got about 15 minutes to spare before I troff my face (have dinner), I thought I'd try and rectify the situation (on the blogging front, that is... the doing loads is probably not going to stop for a good few days yet). Heer ye, hear ye, for these be the highlights of the past week:

Lost In Translation
I'm going to split this into two sections: my experience of the film and the film itself.
  • Experience - One of great annoyance. The sort of cinema evening where you leave the auditorium ready to punch someone - or, in this case, some people. Namely the 3 total motherf*****g t*****s who decided to talk throughout the film, laugh inappropriately and make the odd comment about the film being rubbish. They were gimps. The problem with me in situations like that is I get very angry inside. So angry that I want real justice to be done to these people for ruining the film for loads of people... and that kinda clouds my ability to either a) simply say "ssshh" or b) grab a steward to say "ssshh". Ho hum.
  • The Film - Brilliant. Really, really brilliant. At least... I think. Sadly I didn't emotionally connect to it as the other peeps (Lev N Andrea) I went with did (due to wanting to grow an additional foot so all three idiots' asses could be kicked), so it didn't really have the full effect. But trust me, from what they said - it's amazing. I'm seeing it again, that's for sure!!

Dream Weekend
As normal, I did Sports Saturday on Saturday (no, really Pat?) afternoon, but I had to go in a bit early to discuss show ideas with Nick (our PC). The show idea discussion was pretty exciting (lots of ideas N stuff)... and the earlier wake up wasn't too bad - despite the late night beforehand.
However, I found out during the day that Baz Lewis couldn't do Sunday morning (8AM - 12pm)... and guess who agreed to cover?
Ooops. After going to the cinema with Lev and Andrea on Saturday night (followed by a Mario Kart session at Lev's house), I got to bed at midnight... and back up at 6:50am Sunday. Ouch.

I'm still rather tired. And this hasn't helped:

I've been on "Windows 2000 Server - Set up and Administration, the Ford Way (TM)" (n.b. may not actually be called that) training this week, which has been cool as it's quite interesting (I'm particularly interested in learning batch/cmd scripting more), but isn't so good because of:
  • Early Starts - Each day begins at 8am in Broxbourne, meaning I'm getting up at 6:25 each morning,
  • Work Piling UpIt's all this week except yesterday, whereupon I came back to the office with two days of work piled up and only one day to sort it all out (quite a late leaving time yesterday, let's put it that way),
  • Diet going to pot - Each lunchtime there's a shed load of food put out and our trainer (who's a great guy, actually) keeps bringing us cookies + snacks. My tremendous lack of willpower in this situations, coupled with feeling too tired to go to the gym more than once this week has left my diet in tatters. Still, there's always next week, eh?
  • A TERRIBLE DISASTER - I missed getting Micromart today!!!!!!!!!!!!1112 *

Fitness and Dieting
See above: It's been a rubbish week.
I made it to the gym on Monday night, where I took it pretty easy on the ex-cramped leg (which is now great, btw (I can hear you sighing in relief ;-) )) and didn't really push myself too hard in general. That's all I've done this week.
Coupled with the 5 odd pints of Wife-Beater (Stella to anyone who's not my housemate George) and a big ol' pizza, I've basically turned this week into an anti-diet. This is what happens when I get tired! I'm sleeping a LOT next week.

Oh my God, how much have I waffled? That's taken 40 minutes, not 15. Ho hum, I guess it was worth it if your reading this (damn you, scan-readers!)... thanks for your patience!!

I'm off to convert a FAT partition into NTFS. Rock and Roll, baby!!!

* Sadly, it's become a tradition for me and the guys from my old department to go across the road to our local Martins and get the new copy of Micromart every Thursday. Not doing it just feels wrong. On a random note, if anyone can point out why I'm still single that'd be great :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2004 at 7:40 PM

Ooh... ah... ouch...

Exercise is bad for you. It's a fact.

For example, if it weren't for exercise, then I wouldn't be having to be sitting awkwardly with my left leg stretched out, and it wouldn't've taken me a full minute to climb the stairs to my bedroom.

Cramp. It's a swine.

Yes, arguably my current cramp experience has got less to do with exercise and more to do with:
  1. Not really having much salt in the past coupla days
  2. Not drinking enough water during my training course on Mon, Tues and Wed,
  3. Accidentally getting a bit competitive.
Arguably 1 and 2 wouldn't've been a problem had it not been for 3.

If you're a gym goer, then you'll be aware of that leg-based exercise machine where you sit down, feet under a bar, calf at 90 degrees to your thighs. You basically have to get your legs straight, then back down and repeat X times:

Leg goes up... leg goes down... leg goes up... leg goes down...
Image brought to you by (a subsidary of QuickAssPics Plc).
Note: Look of happiness may not reflect internal feelings of intense pain

Me and my mates David and Gary did this. 2 sets each, at a set weight. Then one of us increased the weight by one. The next increased the number of leg-ups (or whatever they're called) to 12. Then it was 15. Then the weight went up again.

After a total of 4 sets each, we were in quite a bit of pain. My legs almost gave way a couple of times over to the drink machine, and again on the way back.

Why oh why oh why we then decided to go for another leg exercise (this one's kinda the opposite of the last) next is beyond me. All that I do know is after 3 leg-pressy-thingies, the underside of my left calf suddenly went TWANG. Which was odd. Followed by a flood of pain and the feeling that my leg was about to explode. Which was less odd, more evil.

A few minutes later, after much stretching + massaging, it was okish... but the drive home was very scary (kept thinking it would go again on a gear change) and right now it hurts still.

And they say exercise isn't good for your mental health and decision making abilities...

Monday, January 12, 2004 at 11:16 PM

Enetation Comments

If you are using Enetation for your blog and wonder why you've not had any comments for ages, it's (probably) not because no one wants to speak to you (<insert self-demeaning "but even if it was working..." based whinge here, if you're having one of those days>), it's because the Enetation commenting system seems to be a bit broken.

It's not just me that's getting it, either

at 10:10 PM

When bored radio presenters attack!

Over the chrimbo holidays, I was doing a cover show (I think it was on Boxing Day) and I was in the middle of playing some back-to-back songs, with not a great deal to say after them.

I had two choices:
On the one hand, I could've prepared somethink to talk about. Something funny, punchy and interesting, with a great outro and some great teasers beforehand.
On the other hand, I could've drawn a cartoon bloke holding a radio with a glass of wine in his hand and a big "Merry Christmas!" logo on the whiteboard.

I like to think I've got my priorities the right way round. :-)

The White Board from the Dream 107 desk The Piccie in all it's 'Glory'

at 10:09 PM

Enetation Smells of Errors and Rain

Anyone know of a decent commenting system? My requirements are:

1) A commenting system that allows blog readers to post comments.
2) See 1

/me grumbles something about enetation being rubbish...

Sunday, January 11, 2004 at 9:42 PM

Training Course!

Well, they don't come around very often at my place of work, but I've finally been put on a training course! It's an "Active Directory" course, lasting from Monday 'til Wednesday.

If you've not heard of Active Directory, you won't want to know. Let's just say it's got something to do with networks of computers. It's fairly different to the way networking worked under Windows NT, as 2000 doe... ah I see, you've stopped reading already.

Hrm. Er... RACHEL STEVENS * / BRAD PITT!!! That got your attention.

Anyway, the best thing about these training courses is that, effectively, they're a nice few days of fairly stressless work... which after last week is a welcome change! That said, it is up in Broxbourne, which is about 3 times further than work is normally... so I should probably catch some sleep.

Before I go, I'd just like to recommend some fine Tuneage to you, that I'm currently listening to almost on repeat:

Easyworld - Til The Day (That I Die)
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
Delays - Long Time Coming
Jet - Roll Over DJ

Righty, that's all for now... I'm off to bed!

* Who is SINGLE. Yes, SINGLE. Rachel, if you're reading this, I'm tall dark and handsome and your perfect man. Whatever that is, it's me. Yes. Just don't look at the "author" page.

at 9:21 PM

The Last Samurai

Hello film fans! I don't have a film review bit on this site yet, but I felt like starting to write reviews, so I'm just going to use my blog for now :-)
Film:The Last Samurai
Starring:Ken Watanbe, Masato Harada, Timothy Spall, and others... including some bloke from Top Gun.
Plot:I'm not going to spoil it. It's in Japan, with Samurais!
The Good:Acting of the main cast is top notch. Some beautiful landscapes and strong visual effects. Lots of great fighting sequences! With swords!! Also, I got a real emotional connection with much of the film (not the fighting, so much... that was just cool ;-) )
The Bad:Perhaps a little too much fighting. A bit slow in places, and there was some slight hamminess towards the end... although not a patch on the last 20 mins of Return Of The Hammy Endings.
The Ugly lovely:Masato Harada ;-)
Overall:8 / 10

Well, that was fun. Now to start writing these reviews when I come back from seeing the film, not two days afterwards!

Friday, January 09, 2004 at 7:45 PM

Wow, what a week!

There's something about the first week back at work in the new year. And when I say something, I mean something very, very long.

I don't know if it's the getting up early, or the fact that I actually had to use my brain for 8 hours a day again, but the first 5 days back felt like 10. You know that horrible feeling when you wake up on a Thursday and think it's a Friday? Well, that's kinda how I had it:

07:25:00 - Get woken up by alarm
07:25:02 - Relax, as it's a Saturday and when I can be arsed I'll turn the alarm off...
07:25:10 - Realise it's not. Swear and curse quietly to myself that there's still a day left.
07:32:00 - Trudge out of bed, looking forward to hearing The Outtakes on Christian O'Connell's show, glad that it's finally Friday.
07:41:00 - Swear loudly as the realisation it's only Thursday.

That wasn't really the best start to the day. The fact that it took the whole of Thursday and today to get a chuffing "Purchase Request" form completed was merely the icing on the cake. Just... don't ask.

Still, I've finally made it to the weekend, so I'll stop moaning and get myself ready to go and watch The Last Samurai with Levino!

Sunday, January 04, 2004 at 6:48 PM

Ah, darnit

That'll be the end of the holidays, then. And what an eventful time it was. A nice Christmas at home with the family, followed by going to Canterbury to see my brother for a few days, then back to Essex and down to Sussex to Lev's parents' other house for a new year party, then back here.

And inbetween all that, I've done 13 radio shows. 13. If that doesn't seem a lot, then think of it like this: it's 49.5 hours. Including prep-time I'd say it's more like 55-60 hours. As you can appreciate, I feel like I've been living at Dream 107.

It's going to be very hard to get back in the swing of things at work... not least cos there'll be a WOS to come back to on Monday I'm sure. Ah the joys of LAN support :-o

* World of Shit. Or Wonder Of Susan, but that's not relevant in this situation

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