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The Author of this page is a bloke called Pat. That's it. No more to say. Well, except to tell you the following about me...

born: 1979

location: Essex (you know, that high-class area that spawned Chantelle from Big Brother), England.


  • colour: well, seeing as every car I've ever bought is black...
  • film: it's a tie between Shawshank Redemption and American Beauty
  • food: Dominos or Pizza Hut pizza. Pizza of any kind rocks, but the Dominos and hut masters still win.


  • socialising with friends
  • doing radio - presenting, audio production, tech work... it's all good. Check out for details of a new radio project I'm working on
  • holidays - from what i remember of them...
  • great horror - such as the work of Mr David Scullion
  • salad fingers - and other messed up work from David Firth.


  • MPAA / RIAA - money-grabbing, greedy, moral-deficient scum
  • exercise - but with the loving of pizza and socialising, some evils need to be put up with.

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