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Pat's Blog


Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 11:17 AM

I bought the 1822. Picking it up tomorrow.

Guess I won't be ordering Domino's Pizza for a while... *

(* A while may be 3 days **)
(** Although it is buy one get one free night tonight ***)
(*** Help me.)

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Spending Spree

Monday, November 21, 2005 at 4:46 PM

Ah, dang it.

I wanted to buy myself some DT-100 headphones. *

I went to my local Digital Village store.

I bought some DT-100 headphones.

And a sE2200a microphone.

And a mic stand.

And a mic shield.

Well, it was only 3 times as much as I'd intended to spend!


The worst thing about this? I don't have a mixer with Phantom Power, so I can't use my sE2200a condenser microphone. Meaning I don't need the mic stand. Or mic shield.

Well, obviously as I only originally intended to get the headphones anyway, there's one clearly obvious thing to do.

So... there's a couple of cheap-but-pretty good mixers that have Phantom Power that I've got my eye on:

Behringer EURORACK UB1622FX

Behringer EURORACK UB1832FX (the model up from the 1622)

Of course, I could just return the mic and get a mic that doesn't require phantom power, but a) I'd like a mixer with FX/Aux for an upcoming project and b) I feel I'm somewhat on a roll...

Who needs food anyway?

* For use at Time FM - yes, there are headphones there but they're "well loved" to the extent that not both speakers work at all times, usually inbetween crackling a lot. Whilst that brings back fond memories of the "quality" headphones in my student radio days, I figured that was being outweighed by the fury and annoyance factor due to crackling etc...

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So Much To Tell...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 9:00 PM

...and so little time (before Rome starts on BBC 2).

It's been a long, long time since I blogged properly. It seems to be traditional for me to start blogging, do it religiously for a couple of weeks and then stop. I'm SO glad I never started smoking.

So... what's happened since Wednesday the 29th of June? Well, lots. Obviously. Here's some highlights:
  • I moved to Brentwood
    Living with my workmate Gary and another Fordie called Chris.
    I've got a bedroom in the converted loft, which is ace as a) if people are watching the telly at high volume in the lounge I can't hear and b) if I'm playing loud music in my room people in the lounge can't hear. It's a win-win. Apart from when anyone happens to be on the first floor.
    The best thing about the place is that it's 15 minutes (up-hill) walk to work - so I'm getting lots of exercise and saving plenty of dosh on fuel.

  • I Started Saturday Shows at Time 107.5
    Yeah, I know, I gave up radio. Well... I've started again. I'm still not sure if it was a good idea to restart, but Time (eh?) will tell.
    Doing Saturday afternoons, 2-7pm. It's a damned long shift and with the fairly frequent (4 per hour) phoned-in sports reports (that I need to check, script intros for and play out - whilst doing the show around them too) it really does take it's toll!
    Still, it means I get to play in radio studios, so w00t.

  • I Saw Little Britain Live
    Did I find it funny? Well... you'll just have to guess.

  • I Booked Tickets to see Little Britain Live Next Year
    Guessing probably won't be that hard now.

  • I Ate Too Much Pizza
  • I Didn't Go To The Gym Enough
  • I Decided To Go To Oz For 3 Months
  • I Changed My Mind
  • I Changed My Mind Again
  • I Changed My Mind AGAIN
  • I Bought World Of Warcraft
  • I Forgot What It Was I Was Thinking About But Was Really Pleased To Get To Level 10
  • I Decided To Stop Using My Computer So Much
  • I Decided To Play On World Of Warcraft For Just 10 Minutes
  • I Lost Another Entire Week Of Evenings But Was Really Pleased To Get To Level 20
  • I Decided To Stop Using My Computer So Much
  • I Decided To Play On World Of Warcraft For Just 10 Minutes
  • I Lost Another Entire Week Of Evenings But Was Really Pleased To Get To Level 30
  • I Decided To Stop Using My Computer So Much

That's about up to date (apart from the tens of things I have no doubt forgotten about). Oh and I'm still at Ford. But I suspect you guessed that much :-)

Here's to Level 40!

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at 3:28 PM

I mentioned to some guys from Uni (via the not-at-all-massively-geeky-IRC-channel that's set up for us to keep in touch with) that I was so amused by the UK Resistance Blue Skies in Games Campaign that I was going to blog something to Spread The Word.

I don't know, but I *think* they then implied that I hadn't blogged for a while...

[14:54] <Dave> wow!
[14:54] <Dave> that *is* saying something!
[14:54] <russ> blog? UPDATE?!?
[14:54] <Dave> you're last post was a show of compassion for the familes of those on the Titanic iirc, wasn't it?
[14:55] <Dave> with that white "Make Bubonic Plague History" strap across the corner?
[14:56] <Dave> with a comment "Yeah! Nice one!" from ?


Anyways, yes, The Blue Sky in Games Campaign gets 100% Endorsement from me. Which means it's got a lot of weight behind it. I really should do some exercise.

Ha ha.



Oh and I'll blog properly soon, promise! *

* This may be a promise in the same way that Sony promise any software they install on your PC is benevolent.

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