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Pat's Blog

Friday, August 27, 2004 at 12:21 PM

Final Destination 2

I used to believe that film enjoyment vs film quality was fairly one-to-one. You know, like this:

Film Enjoyment Vs Film Quality

However, after seeing Final Destination 2 last night, I realise it's more like this:

Film Enjoyment Vs Film Quality (including Final Destination 2

It's got some mental-good death scenes in it (better in many ways than the first one... *especially* the fench-death) but aside from that it's just awful. The acting's appauling, the linking into the previous film is so far fetched that it's not even worth thinking about and the plot... well, I think the writer (if there was one) must hate themselves to want to be associated with something so awful.

Thing is, all these things put together make this a brilliant film to watch with a few mates and some beers, as you could find much entertainment in pulling the film to pieces. Sadly, I watched it on my own last night (although this was assisted through a plethora of sarcastic texts about it to and from my brother down in Canterbury) so I didn't fullly appreciate it.

Ho hum.

Watched some of "Time Machine" today aswell... but that's just crap.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 7:48 PM

You can tell it's been a while since you've last blogged...

...when's had a massive site redesign several months ago and you've only just noticed.

Oops. Where *did* that four months go?

What to tell you? Awww gawd so much, but to summarise:
  • Work
    Still the same, in the Server Team, lots of stuff here and there but the Warley Shared Drive Migrations are complete! Wooh! That means nothing to you, I'm aware, but it took up nearly 3 months of my year so I felt it needed a blog entry!
  • Dream 107.7
    Web site's up ( and there's a terrible photo of me on it. Don't look at the doublechins people! I said don't look!
    I'm now on Sunday afternoons, 2-6pm, pretty much the only local thing in Essex from 4-6pm apart from BBC Essex so I'm planning on throwing some more "locally focussed" features in
  • Demos
    Well, I've nearly updated mine now... that's what nice long Bank Hol weekends are for!
  • Holidays
    Blimey, well I've been to Tunisia with Lev (all we could eat + drink... and we did) - that was ace and very sunny! Also, I've just got back from Edinburgh. Went up there with loads of Uni mates for the Fringe and that was brilliant... although not quite so sunny. Remind me to take a coat next time I go to Scotland :-o
    Will blog more about Edinburgh soon... still got my Fringe Festival Show Reviews to come (I bet you can't wait(!)).
  • Films
    Seen a fair few. Best has to be I, Robot (amazingly), which was really good indeed and I didn't once actually want to kill Will Smith. The lead CG character (the Robot "Sonny") was clearly the star of the show, brought to the screen using the same technique as gollum (and the guy playing him looked even stranger than Andy Serkis did in his "Gollum Suit").
  • Books
    Started reading a few Isaac Asimov books, thanks initially to Lev (for "I, Robot") and then to my workmate Alex (for about 10 other Asimov books!). So far I've read "I, Robot" and "The Rest of the Robots" - both collections of short stories and both great to read - engaging, descriptive without becoming dull (*cough*LordOfTheRings (Although I've only tried reading the first 50 pages)*cough*), and always with a great twist at the end. These books' stories all revolve around the 3 Laws of Robotics (created, of course, by Asimov himself), yet each story remains fresh. Very good. "Foundation" (the first of the classic "Foundation" series) is fantastic also... sadly Alex doesn't have books 2 or 3, only 1 and 4, so a trip to the library at the weekend is certainly in order!
  • Houses
    Had to leave Meadow Rise as we couldn't find any other people, which was a real shame. Living back at home with the folks at the mo whilst I look for other places to live... it's a very odd experience, living back at home with your parents, but at least a cheap odd experience!
There's more, but I've gotta get on with listening to SRA Entries for Best Male... me and Jocelin (mate from Uni who's now a chuffing BA on the Chris chuffing Moyles chuffing show... not that I'm jealous ;-) ) are narrowing 13 of the 26 entries down to 5, ready to be put through the second round. It's really odd, especially considering I had entered this category this time 4 years ago.

I feel old. :-)

right, yes, enough rambling for now... I'm awf!

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