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Pat's Blog

Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 2:10 PM

This month, I have been mostly...
  • Working at Ford
    Going pretty well, now I'm in the Server Team it's getting pretty interesting with lots of Windows 2000 knowledge being learnt, plus VBScript/Network/Active Directory stuff thrown in. The one downer is the late evenings I have to do fairly regularly (often on Fridays) in order to migrate departmental data from our crap old NT servers to our 2000 servers once everyone's gone home.
  • Working At Dream 107.7
    Great fun! Still doing Saturdays 2-6pm (107.7FM in Mid Essex / to listen, if you're bored)... and I'm enjoying it. It can be kinda soul destroying when, sometimes, people don't call in for stuff, but then again when people do call in in their droves (like for yesterday's Conundrum Question) it's a wicked feeling! Also doing Early Brekkie, which together with late days at Ford is meaning Free Time is become scarce. :-(
  • Socialising
    In the small amount of free time I've got at the mo, I'm trying to socialise as much as poss (so i can keep my life!!!)... went to Paul and Amy's housewarming last night, which was ace... and most entertaining due to a) being referred to by lots of people who I didn't know as "The Dream FM Man" and b) doing a whole load of Dark Place Impressions
  • Watching Dark Place
    The Dave was kind enough to give me a DVD of all the Dark Place episodes that have just recently been on C4/E4. It is awesome essentially, it's a spoof 80s horror show. The attention to detail (continuity errors / bad dubbing / skips in music / bad camera work / bad acting) is stunning... and chuffing hilarious!!! It's also rather quotable. Is this blog a crock of shit?
  • Doing a Presenting Demo CD
    Still not finished really, but there's a work-in-progress version in /badgers/dream107 right now.
  • Breaking my computer
    My nice new ATI Radeon 9800SE All In Wonder Pro died. This pissed me off somewhat, but now my workmate David has kindly given me his Geforce4, which does the trick!
  • Buying Music
    Space: Spiders - I've had it on tape for YEARS, but finally bought the CD on it's SO GOOD damnit, and brings me back to my days at school... man I feel old all of a sudden :-/
    Air: Talkie Walkie - Really, really chilled out and damned good... needs a few listens to fully appreciate it, though
    Hip Hop Classics - Compilation CD I got in ASDA for 6 quid... and it's full of total classics. Buy of the month? Probably.
  • Not blogging
    This probably makes up for it. ;-)

at 1:48 PM

Moving Hosting Providers

I'm going to be moving hosting providers.

Currently I'm with fasthosts, but to be honest their service can be rather shabby at times (at least twice a month is unaccessible in one way or another, and there appears to be no guaranteed level of service anyway).

Also, unless I pay more money I can't have any DBs at all, not even MySQL.

Oh, and there's NO way of modifying how PHP / directory access is configured... which is needed by such things as Gallery and Moveabletype.


I'm getting a Virtual Server (with a workmate) from ByteMark Hosting, for only about 100 each for the year... which we can do pretty much what we want with.

Pauly and RTJ currently share one from Bytemark and it's these gents who opened my eyes to the possibility. Apparently Bytemark rock. Hey, it can't be too much worse, can it?

This means that, at some point soon will feature:
  • A proper blogging system with reliable contents
  • A proper photo gallery
  • A more robust file upload/browsing system. Yes, I'm serious. How AMAZING will that be!?!? Just me, then? Thought so.
I just need some free time, damnit.

It's taken Mr Ward to convince me to write a blog update at all, else you'd've probably not heard anything for weeks to come.

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