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Between the age of about 15 and 18, I got into making MOD(XM) tunes with Fast Tracker 2. I knew then that a) I have no musical talent, and b) they all sucked, just as I know now. I just think it's about time I unleash some of the "better" songs I made on the world. So make sure you're sitting comfortably (and away from any sharp objects) and commence downloading!
Please note: files marked "(XM)", these require an XM player (I recommend Fast Tracker 2 :-) ) to be played

Happy Bunny 2 (Happy Easter Bunny)
Cheesy, insane song based around a psycho bunny rabbit who things it's ok to go around maming people - and the Easter Bunny.
Each Hit And I (Duke Remix)
Started off as a very hard sounding tune, then I added lots of samples of Duke Nukem hurling abuse, so it's now a very hard sounding abusive tune. Good fun, but don't play it in front of your parents.
Each Hit And I Too
The followup to Each Hit And I, this is still unfinished and has no Duke Vox on it. Feel that screeching piano!
Named not after the famous actor, but a mate of mine, this insane "song" was made by me and my brother on a bored Easter afternoon in 1998. Subsequently, Peter then went and used bits of it as jingles for his radio show up at Sheffield Uni. As far as I know, he's still using this!
Happy Bunny
The original Happy Bunny tune. Even worse than the sequel.
Mystic Cave Zone (Sonic 2, Megadrive)
Yes, that's right, it's the background music from a level on Sonic 2. I'm sorry. On the plus side, it does have a slightly funkier beat...
Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic, Master System)
Again, I'm really, really sorry. Man, this song brings back memories of playing Sonic 1 on my Master System when I was 10 years old. Even then it was easy.
Starlight Zone (Sonic, Megadrive)
Near-exact copy of the Megadrive original, but with a very, um, interesting high-note on the trumpet near the end. Did I mention I was sorry?

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