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It's really getting too easy to make bog-standard bootlegs, what with top applications like Acid Pro 3 and Sound Forge 5 hanging around. In order to make a GOOD bootleg, however, you still require skill. I'll leave it to you to decide whether I've managed to live up to the latter. There's only a few bootlegs here at the moment, but I've got lots of ideas for others so expect to see this list expand in the near future!

Miami Hard Core
Ever wondered what the Miami Vice theme tune would sound like sped-up with some happy-hard-core beats on it? No, neither had I, but I was bored on Sunday and ended up stumbling across this idea. It made me laff. It's made a number of people laff. I'm not sure why.
Raggy Dolls
Happy Hard Core meets classic 80s kids TV show. 1 minute of complete insanity.
Scooter Megamix
Not really a bootleg, more (as the name suggests) a megamix of Scooter's latest 4 offerings to the unprepared UK audience. This is loud, proud, unashamed badness :-)
Without Mother
A mash up of Eminem's "Without Me" and M-Factor's "Mother" that I did on a bored Sunday afternoon. Quite good, apparently.

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