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lionskull.co.uk - Hello!!

2010-01-20 - New Pat Scullion Site!

Well, it's taken me a while, but I've finally picked up my pencils, got my graphics tablet out and started drawing again!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've reinstated my web site - PatScullion.co.uk - to showcase my drawings as I expand my portfolio.

Please have a look!



2008-03-22 - Ahem

So, I guess you've realised that the thing below didn't happen. Circumstances changed and, well, lionskull.co.uk's just sitting here still for the time being at least.

At some point (who knows when) it'll probably change but to what, who knows right now. In the mean time, my blog (inactive as it is right now) now sits on squage.com so head over there :-)



2007-08-12 - Back in the UK and Lionskull.co.uk's a-changing!

Well, I'm back from my epic journey in the US, New Zealand and Oz and I'm working on a total redesign of Lionskull.co.uk.

Shortly, this site will be acting as the online presence for my web design work, live DJing work and more.

The various silly downloads on here at the mo will be moved to squage.com, which I'll be using as my primary "personal" site from that point onwards.

The change will be happening before the end of August. Right, on with site design work!

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